Community Marketing  for Infosec: The Future of Engagement 

In the evolving landscape of infosec marketing, understanding and engaging with the community is paramount. This approach requires marketers to not only have a grasp of their product but also to appreciate the community’s unique dynamics and financial influence. For those new to this field, navigating these requirements can be daunting without the right foundational knowledge.

This is where my expertise in Relationsec becomes essential. I specialize in helping companies create genuine value for the infosec community by developing effective strategies, crafting engaging content, and fostering meaningful interactions. My services include:

Content generation

Leveraging my deep technical knowledge, I produce content that resonates with the community, incorporating humor, geeky references, and personality to strengthen connections.

Strategic Processes

I guide you through the complexities of content creation, addressing challenges such as targeting, engagement, and optimization. My goal is to help you work efficiently with your technical team, repurpose content across platforms, and inspire new ideas for community engagement. 

Marketer mentoring

The intricacies of marketing within the infosec community demand more than traditional knowledge. I offer mentoring to navigate this complex landscape, from defining target personas to creating a robust content strategy.

Community managing

With my background in engaging technical communities on platforms like Discord and Reddit, I provide insights into effective community management and marketing strategies, leveraging my global network and experience at international conferences.

If you’re looking to elevate your marketing efforts within the infosec community, I’m here to assist with these services and more.

Contact me using the ‘Contact me’ button below or on the top of the page to explore how we can achieve your goals together.