No cookies?

Maybe you noticed when you came to my website that there’s no cookie preferences popup. That’s not coincidental – and no, it’s not because my website is not GDPR-compliant. It is.

Actually it’s very simple: I find those cookie preferences popups an enormous pain in the butt. They are so annoying. So when creating this website it was a priority to skip cookies and find other ways to get the, relatively basic, website statistics I need.

Apparently this is a very uncommon approach, judging from the reaction of my website designer who had never tried working with anything but Google Analytics (sigh). But luckily Google (the search engine) exists and I managed to find Koko Analytics, a open-source and optionally cookie-less solution for tracking website visitors.

So that’s it: No annoying popups and still a way for me to see if anyone ever visits my website and what they do.

Everybody wins!